A mortgage is considered a jumbo loan when the borrowed amount is more than $417,000 (amounts vary by state).  Similar to the conventional loan, the equity or down payment and credit requirements will be higher than other loans, however, the borrower will continue to see benefits of low interest and mortgage insurance rates. Jumbo loans can sometimes be tricky, but The Hargrave Group has closed thousands of these types of loans and knows the in's and out's of getting them approved.  As property values rise, Jumbo loans are increasingly popular and we are here to help you navigate through numerous options, whether it be a 10/1 ARM, a Jumbo Renovation, or a simple fixed rate refinance.

Jumbo clients enjoy the best rates available on the market without the requirement of monthly mortgage insurance.  Although a substantial down payment and excellent credit profile are required, there are options with as little as 5% down.  Jumbo loans are determined by loan amount - when a loan exceeds $417,000 it can no longer be considered a conventional loan, and falls into jumbo space.  We offer several different ARM and fixed products.  It's extremely important that jumbo clients work with a mortgage professional that is experienced and knowlegable because unlike conventional loans, there are numerous options within the jumbo mortgage arena.  Jumbo clients also tend to work with wealth management firms or be self-employed, which are often two difficult profiles to navigate if you chose the wrong lender.  We are experts with self-employment income and have closed multiple loans for business owners across the nation.